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Welcome to UK Generations

If you or members of your family originated from the United Kingdom, we can help you to discover your roots.

Whether you are searching for your own family members from the UK or tracing a historical lineage of interest, UK Generations can offer you research services backed by experience and successes for previous happy customers.    

Do you want to find one person or a small number of people ? If so, try our fixed-price Starter Packs - an affordable and simple way to begin.

Is your family heritage a mystery ?   Would you like more extensive research to be done for you ?   Have you made some progress but have no time to do more, or just need a little help ?      These are all situations where our flexible and tailored commission research can work to suit your needs and budget.

Would you like to see how your ancestral places look today ?    Do you live outside the UK and cannot find what you want via online mapping systems ?    We can visit your places of interest and take photographs and video to supplement your research and add a modern dimension to your family history - see our example photographs page. 

Are you planning or attending a wedding, or a birthday or retirement party and want to give something unique ?  Take a look at our popular Family Tree & Special Events Charts.  

We are here to help, so please give us a try !